My day out at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery by Elliot Withers age 6 .

………My dad (Darren) had arranged a meeting with a man named Dean Lomax who is Assistant Curator of Palaeontology  at the Doncaster Museum. And has wrote a book called (Fossils of the Whitby coast a photographic guide) of which he signed for us which was cool, just in time for our family day out at Whitby in a few weeks time.  Dad had some old fossils from Must Farm which Dean was interested to see so I went along with him and took my (Elliot stop leaving your Devil Toe Nails all over the house) said mum, collection with me. They have some great fossils at the museum with quite a few from Peterborough well worth the visit dad said especially if you have some fossils from the Oxford Clay.Dean looked at my Gryphaea first and thought they where great then looked at dads fossils and was quite Interested in one of them, which is now going on a flight to America with Dean to show a friend of his who is also a palaeontologist studying plesiosaurs from Wyoming to help identify what type of bone and what animal it comes from?. And is keen to compare plesiosaur finds from England with finds found in Wyoming. Here are some photos of the finds dad found from a visit to Must Farm with the Stamford & District Geological Society  which Dean helped to identify them dad also let me help clean them up which was great fun. I shall be going on lots of fossil expedition’s with more report back articles to read . That’s all for now we cant wait for Dean to get back to us with news of the mysterious bone also he’s bringing me back a dinosaur bone… awesome.

If you find anything of interest from this article please get in touch with me Darren it would be great for myself and my son to correspond with like minded people….


With the weather now very much taking a turn for the worse limiting fossil hunts to a bare minimum Elliot and I have decided it’s time to clean and prep our finds from this summer’s fossil trips. As I said before being a complete beginner to identifying the fossils we find, putting the time and effort into the research to put an I.D. to them is great fun. If there’s anyone reading our blog who thinks we are way off the mark or spot on please let us know.
So here go some random posts of our finds until our next fossil hunt in the New Year.

Top view of possible PLESIOSAUR ( cryptocleidus) caudal vertebrae with partial neural arch showing at the top. And two facets for chevron-bone showing at the bottom

Bottom view of same bone showing partial neural arch at the top. And

Two facets for chevron-bone showing at the bottom. With partial caudal rib showing top left.

Side view of same bone this time showing a partial caudal rib at the top. With a facet for the chevron-bone showing at the bottom.

Opposite side of same bone this time showing a facet for the chevron-bone showing at the top. With a partial caudal rib showing the bottom

Lepidotes Scales

First row/first scale (Lepidotes) next five(Heterostrophus phillipsi) ?

Second row/first scale(Lepidotes)next six (Heterostrophus phillipsi) ?

Small scale at bottom is different to all the rest maby (Caturus) ?

Pic of Elliot

Prepping Fossils

fossil prepping

4 thoughts on “My day out at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery by Elliot Withers age 6 .

  1. Sounds like a great day for the two of you. I’ve recently developed an interest in paleontology after visiting the Canadian Rockies near the Burgess Shale Fossil Quarries. Today, I saw some fossils of these small, amazing creatures at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Plus I saw some great, huge dinosaurs! All the best to you in your discoveries.

    • Thank you Bev you’ve spurred me into action with this blog. I’m going to take it down for a revamp. And post only Elliots and mine fossiling adventures and leave the technical stuff to the TFF.



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